5th Annual Christmas Toy Drive

Dec 16th - All Day

Hello Everyone,

Erik, Shannon, and the Nicholas P. Koenig H.E.R.O. Foundation would again like to invite you all to help send some extra joy to the children celebrating Christmas at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital (and their families!). In addition to new and unused toys that will guarantee to bring a smile to their faces, other ideas could include holiday and non-holiday arts and crafts, books, paint, scissors, crayons, markers, nerf toys, Bath and Body Works, iTunes cards and other gift cards (Subway, Starbucks Caribou, Holiday Stations, Etc.).

Maybe you live close to the hospital and would like to drop the items off at the front lobby prior to Christmas. Or, the Nicholas P. Koenig H.E.R.O. Foundation plans on bringing donations to the hospital on Monday, December 19th and would gladly bring your donations at that time...which may be the easiest route for most people. If you would like us to shop for you, please provide your money donation to Erik and Shannon by Monday, December 12th. Otherwise, they are willing to meet up with you by Wednesday, December 14th to collect your unwrapped gifts. Just contact us and we will find a time and place to meet.

Whether these children we are helping are receiving chemotherapy, are on dialysis, or having surgery, you can only imagine how this time of year is especially hard to celebrate the holiday season in the hospital...not only for these little heroes, but for their families as well. We tell this story often, but it is a heart-warming story to share again and again. Erik, Maggie, and Shannon spent their last Christmas with Nicholas in the hospital four years ago. Although Nicholas battled the fevers and sickness just a month after receiving his bone marrow transplant, the sparkle in Nicholas’ eyes when Santa came with presents meant the world to him...one of the most cherished memories that will never, ever be forgotten. This memory happened because of the many thoughtful, caring, and wonderful people who took the time to donate toys, books, gift cards, etc. to Nicholas and the other children in the hospital.

Donating these Christmas gifts is one small way we continue to remember our brave little hero, Nicholas, and help bring a smile to the children and their family’s face. The picture attached shows the generous donations we collected last year!! Absolutely amazing! Thank you again to all who helped us collect these gifts for the hospital!

Please let us know as soon as possible of any questions you may have as the deadline for the donations is just around the corner. Call us at (320) 597-2524 or email us using the form below.

Merry Christmas!

The Nicholas P. Koenig H.E.R.O. Foundation

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